Why leaving your comfort zone ?

Blue Ocean Recon provides a variety of workshops which have in common that they encourage you to leave the comfort zone of your company or department. Suppose you are ......

  • an HR manager and your whole company is turning towards the agile way of working. Then you would like to visualise a Lean Agile HR with questions like: Which activities should be transferred to Agile teams? Which activities cease to exist and which activities will you initiate for the first time ever? Which part of HR can be continued in a conventional way? Or rephrased: How would MVHR, Minimum Viable HR, look like?
  • a CEO and you would like to envision the future of your company. In order to maximise customer value, encourage continuous innovation and of course ensure your survival. The latter is not obvious as predictions are that at least 40 percent of today's businesses will fail in the next 10 years. Changes of the last decades only scratched the surface of what will reveal itself in the next decades.
  • an R&D manager and you got your plans laid out for the next few years. You might want to check what you may have missed. Determine what is outside your box. To navigate towards your blue ocean.

In these workshops we use powerful techniques like 'Kill the Company, 'Anticipate', Blue Ocean Strategy' and 'Value Proposition Design'. By the time you leave the workshop, you will also have left your comfort zone. Click on the books below for more information. And contact info@blueoceanrecon.com to switch from surviving to thriving.
So why leave your comfort zone? Because chance favours the prepared mind.